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Stephanie Garrison    One of the most sought-after voices in Central Pennsylvania is ready to become one of your most precious production assets! Radio Personality Stephanie Garrison has voiced and produced thousands of commercials for radio and television stations and agencies all over the country and now, all over the world.

If you require a soothing female delivery for your commercial, your seach ends here! Stephanie can change her style from comforting to crazed, offering not only a standard American accent but a variety to choose from; British, Southern, Brooklyn, Boston, Age Ranges and many more. She brings her outstanding character acting ability to the microphone for an inspired "theater of the mind" experience for your client!

Turn-around time is as important as production quality, which is why most production is delivered within 24-48 hours. You can choose to receive your production as an mp3 file or wav file and they can be delivered to you either by email or pick up service which would give you a link to the work which is stored on Homestead Studio's server where it will remain for 30 days.

Stephanie Garrison's portfolio includes radio and television commercials, voice for training videos, liners and promos for clients such as Family Life Ministries, and announcement files for the manual version of FireOne's Computerized Fireworks choreography program and Avail Technologies' GPS system for mass transit.

Other work includes:
IVR bookings through VoxTone Communications (U.S.A./Canada/U.K.)
Documentary narration
Software training videos for HP
Parody voice contributor to PJTV - View here.
Corporate video narration (inc. work in U.S.A./Argentina/United Arab Emerates/Canada/U.K.)
Character actor for online learning software

Pricing available upon request (Standard industry rates apply)
Copy Writing Service also available - Cost varies according to requirements
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